The Slice




Pizza aficionados in the city know the pizza behind the name, but few know the story.

Born in Puglia, Italy, Vince De Bartolo came to Toronto at the tender age of 17, and he brought with him ambition and a desire to run his own business. After experimenting with different ventures, it was during his run as a pizza driver that sparked the idea of running a pizzeria, and Massimo's P and P opened in 1981 on the corner of College Street and Robert Street. Vince brought family on board and his older brother Tony managed the original location.

Massimo's foundation was Vince's firm belief in treating his customers as family and ensuring quality over anything else. In fact, it was one of the first pizza joints to introduce spring water in the dough and to bring the now famous Margherita Slice to pizza lovers. Vince passed away in 2005, but his son Tony continues the family's involvement and currently runs Massimo's two restaurants located in a couple of the trendier parts of town: College Street and Queen Street West.


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